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Lords = Derivatives.

Leo derives its power from its Lord, Sun.

Cancer derives its power from its Lord, Moon.

Gemini and Virgo derive their power from their Lord, Mercury.

Taurus and Libra derive their power from their Lord, Venus.

Aries and Scorpio derive their power from their Lord, Mars.

Sagittarius and Pisces derive their power from their Lord, Jupiter.

Capricorn and Aquarius derive their power from their Lord, Saturn.

So looking for the House Lords involves looking for the planet that rules over that house.


Aries Ascendant with Mars in 11th House

So the Ascendant/1st House is ruled by Aries, so if u look above to Aries, his derivative Lord is Mars. So the 1st Lord is Mars.

So then you look for Mars, who in this example you find in the 11th House.

So the 1st Lord is in the 11th House.

The Lords ruling each house:

Aries Ascendant

Mars – 1st, 8th

Venus – 2nd, 7th

Mercury – 3rd, 6th

Moon – 4th

Sun – 5th

Jupiter – 9th, 12th

Saturn – 10th, 11th

Taurus Ascendant

Venus – 1st, 6th

Mercury – 2nd, 5th

Moon – 3rd

Sun – 4th

Mars – 12th, 7th

Jupiter – 8th, 11th

Saturn – 9th, 10th

Gemini Ascendant

Mercury – 1st, 4th

Moon – 2nd

Sun – 3rd

Venus – 5th, 12th

Mars – 6th, 11th

Jupiter – 7th, 10th

Saturn – 8th, 9th

Cancer Ascendant

Moon – 1st

Sun – 2nd

Mercury – 3rd, 12th

Venus – 4th, 11th

Mars – 5th, 10th

Jupiter – 6th, 9th

Saturn – 7th, 8th

Leo Ascendant

Sun – 1st

Mercury – 2nd, 11th

Venus – 3rd, 10th

Mars – 4th, 9th

Jupiter – 5th, 8th

Saturn – 6th, 7th

Virgo Ascendant

Mercury – 1st, 10th

Venus – 2nd, 9th

Mars – 3rd, 8th

Jupiter – 4th, 7th

Saturn – 5th, 6th

Moon – 11th

Sun – 12th

Libra Ascendant

Venus – 1st, 8th

Mars – 2nd, 7th

Jupiter – 3rd, 6th

Saturn – 4th, 5th

Mercury – 9th, 12th

Moon – 10th

Sun – 11th

Scorpio Ascendant

Mars – 1st, 6th

Jupiter – 2nd, 5th

Saturn – 3rd, 4th

Venus – 12th, 7th

Mercury – 8th, 11th

Moon – 9th

Sun – 10th

Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter – 1st, 4th

Saturn – 2nd, 3rd

Mars – 5th, 12th

Venus – 6th, 11th

Mercury – 7th, 10th

Moon – 8th

Sun – 9th

Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn – 1st, 2nd

Jupiter – 3rd, 12th

Mars – 4th, 11th

Venus – 5th, 10th

Mercury – 6th, 9th

Moon – 7th

Sun – 8th

Aquarius Ascendant

Saturn – 1st, 12th

Jupiter – 2nd, 11th

Mars – 3rd, 10th

Venus – 4th, 9th

Mercury – 5th, 8th

Moon – 6th

Sun – 7th

Pisces Ascendant

Jupiter – 1st, 10th

Mars – 2nd, 9th

Venus – 3rd, 8th

Mercury – 4th, 7th

Moon – 5th

Sun – 6th

Saturn – 11th, 12th



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