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Get Your Own Sidereal Astrology Reading Guide

Get Your Own Sidereal Astrology Reading Guide

Get Your Own Sidereal Astrology Reading Guide: Step 1: Get all your information. Needed: Birthday/Date of Birth. Birthplace/Town, State and Country of Birth. Birth Time/ Where to Find your Birth Time? Step 2: Learn a bit about the history of astrology. Sidereal Astrology Introduction Page Sidereal Astrology Comparisons to Tropical Astrology Precession of the Equinox A Quick Beginnings of Astrology Why are the Constellations chosen? What’s Your Signs Names? The Evolution of Astrology Pictures of Zodiacs from all over the World Step 3: Get your Chart! :-D How To Get Your Own Free Sidereal Astrology Chart From Astro.com How To Use and Make Free "Zet 9 Lite Program" Sidereal Chart Astrology Reading Chart difference between knowing Birth ...
Sidereal Astrology Guide - Step 11: Community, Editing

Sidereal Astrology Events and Questions

Holidays UK: Spring Solstice Summer Solstice Autumnal Solstice Winter Solstice America: Australia: Imbolc Spring Vernal Equinox Beltane Summer Solstice Lughnasad Autumnal Equinox Samhain Winter Solstice False Flags Whats Going On Around (Why The Date?) On The 24/10/2014 To Do With The Georgia Guidestone? 9/11 ~ 2014: Will There Be Another False Flag? Sinking of the MV Sewol: Is this the April’s sacrifice to the beast? July 11th, July 27th & September 3rd 2014: False Flags? False Flag Attack: Chemical Spill West Virginia Will There Be A False Flag At The Super Bowl XLVIII? Malaysia Flight MH370 Natural Events November 17 2013: Tornado Outbreak [googleapps domain="docs" dir="forms/d/1KSpiSNDHhgd5mryA_p9xMUwVvHv5ebW3k0TVgdfgX8U/viewform" query="embedded=true" width="...