Astrology for Healing

So if you are looking to boost/heal specific chakras or planets.

Now the crystals to use can have two ways, the planet’s crystal itself or the stone for the sign or house.

So if you have Jupiter in Taurus in the 1st House. Then on your Jupiter finger you can wear one or a combination of Citrine for Jupiter, Rose Quartz for Taurus and Red Coral for the 1st House.

Fingers + Traditional Crystals

Third Eye Chakra (Sun and Moon)

Sun = Ring Finger

Ruby, Garnet, Pink Tourmaline and Red Spinel.

Moon = Ring Finger

Pearl and Moonstone.

Throat Chakra

Mercury = Pinky Finger

Emerald, Peridot, Green Tourmaline, Green Jade, Diopside and Tsavorite.

Heart Chakra

Venus = Thumb Finger

Diamond, white sapphire, clear quartz, clear topaz and clear zircon.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Mars = Between the Line of Heart and Line of Head

Mars = Ring Finger (because is friendly with Sun)

Coral, Carnelian and Bloodstone.


Jupiter = Index Finger

Yellow Sapphire, golden topaz, citrine and heliodor.


Saturn = Middle Finger

Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Indicolite, Blue Spinel and Lapis.


Rahu = Ring Finger

Gomed (hessonite garnet), orange zircon and spessertine.

Ketu = Ring Finger

Cat’s eye chrysoberyl, Tiger’s Eye, Cat’s Eye Apatite, Chatoyant Toumaline and Beryl.

System to remember them all by:

Pinky Finger

Smallest Finger = Smallest Planet (Mercury)

Ring Finger

Party Finger = Sun (party planet/soul/friends) /Moon /Rahu /Ketu /Mars

Sun is always with friends.

Rahu and Ketu are invited to the party.

Warrior (mars) is protecting the king (Sun) and queen (Moon).

Middle Finger

Rude finger = Saturn gives obstacles.

Assumed to be why when being rude, people stick their “saturn finger” up at other people to “send them obstacles”.

Index Finger

Teacher finger = Jupiter point’s you to knowledge/ in direction for travel.


Thumb = Closest to your heart.

Thickest because filled with all your stuff/possessions.

Gem stones / Crystals:

Aries/1st House

Taurus/2nd House

Gemini/3rd House

Cancer/4th House

Leo/5th House

Virgo/6th House

Libra/7th House

Scorpio/8th House

Sagittarius/9th House

Capricorn/10th House

Aquarius/11th House

Pisces/12th House

Discussion on Crystals:

When you buy a crystal, you must actually program it to use it.

Like a computer. It will work if you turn it on, but if you tell it what to do it will give you much better results.

Like getting hardware is part 1 (owning crystal itself), putting software on it is part 2 (programming it).

Computer “motherboards” actually have crystals on them.

For this reason, for storing data and etc. Due to crystals being a conduit for electricity.

Crystals absorb “all energy” not just electricity. For example, brain waves.

So when you direct a crystal with your thoughts, they “store your energy” in them.



(Crown Chakra is healed by healing all others and drawing this good energy up into it).

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