Chinese Astrology: Four Tier Astrology

Four Pillars

The Four Pillars method can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 220), and is still much used in Feng Shui astrology and general analysis today. The Four Pillars or Columns chart is called such as the Chinese writing causes it to fall into columns. Each pillar or column contains a stem and a branch—and each column relates to the year, month, day and hour of birth. The first column refers to the year animal and element, the second to the month animal and element, the third to the day animal and element, and the last to the hour animal and element.

Within the ‘Four Pillars’, the Year column purports to provide information about one’s ancestor or early age, and the Month column about one’s parents or growing age. The Day column purports to offer information about oneself (upper character) and one’s spouse (lower character) or adult age, and the Hour column about children or late age.

First Tier:

The Year of Birth

This is a Sign and Element Combination, so it equals out 12 signs x 5 elements = 60 year cycle, so it means that another person like your year wont be born for another 60 years :)


For elements and more years: here

Wood – ruled by Jupiter
Fire – ruled by Mars
Earth – ruled by Saturn
Metal – ruled by Venus
water – ruled by Mercury

Second Tier:

The Month of Birth

Tiger : Feb 4Mar 5

Rabbit: Mar 6Apr 4

Dragon: Apr 5May 4

Snake: May 5June 5

Horse: Jun 6Jul 6

Goat: Jul 7Aug 06

Monkey: Aug 7 – Sep 7

Rooster: Sep 8Oct 7

Dog: Oct 8Nov 6

Pig: Nov 7Dec 6

Rat: Dec 7 – Jan 5

Ox: Jan 6Feb 3

Third Tier:

The Day of Birth


Fourth Tier:

The Hour of Birth

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23:00 – 00:59: 子 Rat

01:00 – 02:59: 丑 Ox

03:00 – 04:59: 寅 Tiger

05:00 – 06:59: 卯 Rabbit

07:00 – 08:59: 辰 Dragon

09:00 – 10:59: 巳 Snake

11:00 – 12:59: 午 Horse

13:00 – 14:59: 未 Goat

15:00 – 16:59: 申 Monkey

17:00 – 18:59: 酉 Rooster

19:00 – 20:59: 戌 Dog

21:00 – 22:59: 亥 Pig


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