Fears: What They Mean and How They Affect You

Ketu/South Node and Saturn rule your Fears.


Saturn puts Obstacles in your path that you are meant to conquer, and they can be scary as he is the Judge.

He signifies the colour Red, is the slowest moving Planet/Chakra and he signifies anything that takes a long time to do.

So when you feel an obstacle in your way, don’t forget that it is MEANT to take a long time to conquer.

Because thats the aim of the obstacle.

To take time.

When you defeat an obstacle, Saturn lets you keep it.

Thats why he is so great.

“The Great Malefic”, he is known as.

So he makes you struggle and struggle until you win, and then suddenly, what remains from your struggle is what you have gained.

This is why he is “great”.

Because he makes it so worth it in the end.

To keep the “base” you worked for.

Ie, if you work super hard for something, your Big Red will make sure that no one will take it away.

Depending on where he is, will be what you will have to work for.

So remember, that whatever you have an obstacle, take the time and Saturn gives you a stronger base.

Ie, if you have a stronger arse, if someone kicks it, it wont move you from your pedestal :)

Through your Minor Transits, Saturn Dasha, or Mahadasha (Period) you will receive obstacles, which upon succeeding against you can achieve success.

Ketu, the South Node:

Ketu is your separation.

He is trying to keep you away from something.

From “what you were before and already understand”.

So they say Ketu is your past life.

For Example:

Fears: What They Mean and How They Affect You

Say Ketu (the red inner symbol circled),

Is in the 4th House (the number circled),

Which is Cancer’s House (The circled blue sign).

Fears What They Mean and How They Affect You 2

The current position of Rahu (the circled blue sign) is in Aquarius.

But the prior life’s Rahu Sign (repositioned blue circled inner sign with line arrow), would have been in the position of Cancer.

This is why the 4th House is the Ketu for this lifetime.

Because the Past Life understood its Rahu (lesson). It understood Cancer.

So now Ketu is in the 4th, which is Cancer’s House.

Fears: What They Mean and How They Affect You

The next life (if not broken out of Quarantine) would be,

Ketu in the 11th House (red arrow from red symbol).

Because Rahu is in Aquarius (blue circled sign).

So if Lessons about Aquarius are conquered.

Ketu moves into the 11th, which is Aquarius’s House.

Because Aquarius is understood, so you achieve separation from what your Akashic Records have already understood.

So Ketu is only “sending you away” because somewhere within you, you know already what its all about.

Its like a bubble around the “house” and “sign” parts of your life.

So these bubbles appear really fucking scary because you feel “separated” once your doing them.

This is merely meant to send you towards Rahu, your obsessions and lesson in life lifetime.

But because you do need to “use” the Ketu areas of your life to exist, it appears even more scary.

A way to conquer this fear is to tell yourself that you “wont stay long”, that you accept that you are removed from whatever it is.

The feeling of fear becomes easier to deal with, ie, assimilate the freaking out chemicals into your system.

So in this example, the person would have to tell “homes”, “cooking”, “mothers”, that they wont interact for long because they accept their separation from this region in this lifetime.

Through your Minor Transits, Ketu Mahadasha, or Dasha periods you will learn to spiritually (Ketu is spirituality) accept the removal from these things.

Some Examples of Fears:

Aries/1st: Aggression, War, Battle, Confidence, Action, Rage, Doing it First, Power, Being Fast.

Taurus/2nd: Saving Money, Love, Flowers, Patience, Possessions, Being Slow, .

Gemini/3rd: Communicating, Sales, Marketing, Short Distance Travel, Siblings, K-12 Education.

Cancer/4th: Moonlight, Home, Intuition, Emotions, Cooking, Mother, Care.

Leo/5th: Sunlight, Romance, One-On-One, Romance, Courage, Individuals, Yourself, Father, Children.

Virgo/6th: Health, Communicating, Work, Disease, Entrepreneurs.

Libra/7th: Love, Beauty, Marriage, Partnerships, Mediating, Worth of Goods, Fairness.

Scorpio/8th: Darkness, Occult, Demons, Doctors, Witches, Power, Death, Trauma, Psychology, Aggression.

Sagittarius/9th: Religion, Philosophy, Higher Education, Teachers, Long Distance Traveling.

Capricorn/10th: Business, Money, Ambition, Stability, Drinking, Work, Obstacles.

Aquarius/11th: Obstacles, Groups of People, Originality, Futuristic Design, New Ideas, Community, Science, Inventions.

Pisces/12th: Spirituality, Religion, Overseas Travel, Ghosts, Teachers, Sleep, The Beyond, Space, Other Dimensions.

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