How Do You Choose Your Friends?

There are six specific things that go into what people you like having around you:


Your Descendant Line (7th House Lord) shows how you act around close people.

Example, if your Descendant is in Libra, when people get close to you your energy starts to become more “fair” and “balanced” towards them, and so it connects to people who seek that energy.


Venus is the female friends you bring into your life, the females you find yourself drawn to and enjoy the company of.

So even if you are female and find yourself with other females who have the same Venus sign, this can also work too.

Because you are both energy connecting in the ” for females” region.

Though it is stronger to have, for example, a woman with a Sun in Leo and Venus in Scorpio, connecting to another woman with their Sun in Scorpio and Venus in Leo.

This means that both girls “love” each other.

As a female friend or wife.


Mars is the male friends you enjoy spending time with.

The people you see as “brothers from another mother.”

It is blood and non-blood “feeling” brothers.

For women this can also be the Men you like to “sleep with”, as your husband is your Jupiter.

Also this can be in affect sexually with a Mars to Mars connection. This is a “sexually compatible” interaction.

Where both your Solar Plexus Chakras, in science they call them Nerve Clusters, acknowledge the fact that they spin either “identical” or “similiar” (ie, same sign, same house, or same sign and house).

So when you enact in sexual behaviour, or feel sexual, the energy you release is your Mars/Solar Plexus Chakra energy.

Your drive for power.

So when you sense, by picking up that their pheromones or DNA, which you taste during a kiss, or by your body picking up the vibrations, or the magnetite in your body becoming magnetised towards another person of a similar energy as Mars.

Your nervous system affects your body by using your intuition (long term memory without needing to use your short term memory), naturally begins to have the same affects as what happened the majoritive of times you used the energy prior.

Which is probably sex.

So you may get “flustered” around someone when this connection is met.

Or as a guy, a power-game.

In which the energy seeks to “compete”, to power battle until a compromise is met.

If a guy connects to another guy and he passes his “competition”, as Mars is about battle, then they become friends.

If a compromise of energy cannot be met, they go their separate ways.

This can be seen through anger.

So a negative spin of the Solar Plexus Chakra/Mars is Anger.

A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra/Mars connection is “Mutual Power”.

The competition will be depending on the Sign and House placement.

So if a guy has a Mars in Pisces in the 11th House, the guy will seek to act “spiritual” and “social” with another male.

Many people vocalise this step, which is necessary for some people, but some people can sense it before the play begins.

If the other male shows promise of either being able to understand this energy, through compatible placement or identical, then the other male “feels” that the other male understands his “manhood”.

Your Group/s

The 11th House “Ruler” Line = Group of Friends.

The energy of your group/your friends circle.

Your One-On-One Relationships

The 5th House “Ruler” Line = Individuals that you like to interact with.

The 5th House is the Sun, the Sun in a person is their Soul, so its other “Souls” you like to interact with the best.

Remember that their chart also affects the situation

So if they also have their Sun in either your any of your placements then you enjoy their company.

For whichever reason/placement they are in.

Example, if you have your 11th Line House “Line” in Aquarius, then Aquarius “rules” your 11th House.

If you come across a person who’s Sun is in Aquarius then you feel the desire to “group” with them.

To make them a part of/meet your social circle.

You enjoy their company as a part of a group setting.

It is a strong connection if they also have a placement in your Sun.

This will make them enjoy you back :)

So if their 5th House “Line” is in Leo, and your Sun is in Leo, then they will enjoy a one-on-one relationship with you.

As long as one of your placements are in their Sun, and one of your placements are matched with theirs then you connect well :)

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