How to Improve Your Energy and Strength


How to improve your Energy is to akin yourself to doing things of your specific Mars.

How to improve your Strength is to akin yourself to doing things of your specific Sun.

So, things like colour and attributes which you consume in your day to day life are important.

So… for example, is Mars is in Pisces, to boost your energy you would need to do things of Pisces and if your Sun was in Sagittarius, to boost your strength you would need to do things of Sagittarius.



This is important for boosting the nerve clusters/chakras. If you boost the quality of the chakra your willpower or soul is connected to, then you will boost the original chakra too. Ie, the Sun’s native is the Third Eye, but say, with a Sun in Sagittarius its in the Sacral, so these two positions will be linked with an inner energy connection.


If you have Mars in Pisces, you wear orange to boost your energy and wear orange to boost your strength.


Leo —– > Indigo < ----- Cancer Virgo ----- > Blue < ----- Gemini Libra ----- > Green < -----Taurus Scorpio ----- > Yellow < ----- Aries Sagittarius ----- > Orange < ----- Pisces Capricorn ----- > Red < ----- Aquarius So you can eat more foods of these colours, change your environment to include more of these colours (ie, change your bedsheets), wear more clothing with these colours. Etc! Second:Consumption. So, learn about the traditional nature of the sign. So with the example of Mars in Pisces, Mars and Sun being in Pisces give off two different affects. So say Sun becomes an Authority of Pisces and Mars becomes an Warrior of Pisces. So you can see all the planets being born in the signs bring out the sign different, another example, Venus in Pisces would be Love of Pisces, very different can they all be. So they change the dynamic of how you see the sign. Like with the position of Mars in Pisces, a person would see all Pisces things as boosting their energy, willpower and aggression. Within this example you can see how it works. If you surround yourself with a higher amount of things that the sign your Mars or Sun is placed within likes, then you will receive a boost of that energy. Now don't go overboard, obviously, you can spin out (overactive) your chakra ;) Rofl. But you will know. You will be able to feel it over time and learn what you need and when its too much or not enough. So read up on the signs and houses and use the Sun and Mars' sign and houses attributes and their colours to boost your Energy and Strength.

Enjoy! :D

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