How to; Moon/ Chandra Chart

The Moon as a planet, dignifies someones emotions, mind and motherhood.

The Sun as a planet, dignifies someones strength, soul and fatherhood.

So, both these planets are considered, alongside the ascendant, as what a person defines as their personality. But when looking at these meanings, we can see that the Sun is a masculine planet and the Moon as a feminine planet. Now both charts are important for both males and females. But the Sun being masculine makes the traditional natal chart (birth sun chart) more emphasis for men. And therefore, if you can see where I am going with this, that the Moon Chart, emphasises a females sense of self better.

So… how this is done…

Is to:

  1. Look at your chart.
  2. Find the Moon.
  3. Change the numbers/move the chart around, so that the Moon = 1.
  4. That’s all.

So for example:

Sun Chart

Moon Chandra Chart 1Moon Chart

Moon Chandra Chart 2

So this is called a Moon Lagna/Ascendant. Ascendant = 1st House.

When you move a planet into the Ascendant, this means that you are seeing what happens when your mind takes president in your external world, the body.

Think of yourself as a person, walking through the houses in life. When you walk into the fifth house, your in your high school or your place of creativity, when you walk into the seventh house you walk into your marriage and partnerships. So now were on that page. Your ascendant = your body. So what moving the charts around is doing, is instead of you walking to the house. Your putting the planet into your face/external body XD.

So say in my chart above, my Ascendant (body) normally sees Mercury as to do with my spirituality (9th House) but my Mind sees Mercury as more of a creative father figure (5th House). Because its her relationship to the world (Moon to Mercury). Rather than Ascendant (body) to Mercury.

So its useful for understanding your emotional state inside yourself :).

Good luck!

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