Meaning: Planets

Every planet has its own distinct area of your life that it affects.

When you’re born every planet is in a separate sign depending on where it was.

This changes how you are individually influenced by each planet on each area of your life.

Such as the planet Jupiter represents your Luck and Fortune.

So your Luck is most likely governed by a totally different sign than your Sun which is your Energy and Personality.



Planet Sun: Soul

Planet Moon: Emotions

Planet Mercury: Intelligence

Planet Venus: Love Nature

Planet Mars: Drive

Planet Jupiter: Wisdom

Planet Saturn: Structure

Planet Uranus: Rebellion

Planet Neptune: Mystery

Planet Pluto: Power

Planet Chiron: Wounding

Planet Ceres: Nurturing

Axis North Node/Rahu: Lessons of this Life

Axis South Node/Ketu: Inborn Knowledge

Axis Ascendant (AC): Face you show to Strangers

Axis Descendant (DC): Face you show to those Close

Axis Midheaven (MC): Accomplishments

Axis Imum Coeli (IM): Foundations


Some planets are known to influence entire generations and ages causing a distinct effect on the entire human race because of their long orbit.

So this can be why everyone around your age has certain similar characteristics in terms of the slower moving signs.

Though all will differ in terms of which area it effects of their life via the house location.

Such as: Pluto1 in Libra2 in the 6th house3.

Even though Pluto was in Libra for 20 years, everyone will have it in a different “area of life”/house.

The location gives this person their power1 of fairness and balance2 turned towards specifically their work and health3.


Planets have different orbits and so move through the signs at different speeds:

Sun moves a sign every 27.32 days/1 month (total orbit: 1 year).

Moon moves a sign every 2.5 days (total orbit: 28 days).

Mercury moves a sign every 7.3 days (total orbit: 88 days).

Venus moves a sign every 19 days (total orbit: 225 days).

Mars moves a sign every 57 days (total orbit: 687 days).

Jupiter moves a sign every 1 year (total orbit: 12 years).

Saturn moves a sign every 2.5 years (total orbit: 28-29 years).

Uranus moves a sign every 7 years (total orbit: 84 years).

Neptune moves a sign every 13.5 years (total orbit: 164 years).

Pluto moves a sign every 20.5 years (total orbit: 248 years).

Chiron moves a sign every 4 years (total orbit: 50 years).

Ceres moves a sign every 2.5 years (total orbit: 4.7 years).

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