The Five Types of Astrology

Who you are being:

Natal Horoscopes (Jataka), which are the charts you receive at birth. This include your first one (that is most likely the only one you have ever seen if you are Western… but there about 30 more :P). Your divisional charts (these are the +30 more for every section of life. Kapiel (the video master) describes it as the opening of each house and looking inside to delve into it deeper. Like a surgeon looking at the outside of your body, and then looking into it to further perceive your specific kind of greatness ;-)). And your dasha and mahadasha cycles (your life cycles).

What will happen then:

Horary (Prashna), an individual chart, in which you ask a specific question and get a bunch of charts to provide the most accurate answer. Like whether to do something is a good idea at a certain time. The time is drawn up and seen if there are obstacles to face in that time, and whether you can conquer them. So you are providing a time, asking for an event.

When things will happen:

Electional (Muhurtha), is providing an event, asking for a time. So asking when you should sign a contract, go for surgery, marriage, etc, with the greatest result of success (generally through Nakshatras).

Where you are:

Mundane (Samhita), is based on the chart of the externalities affecting you, your country’s chart, the weather conditions, epidemics, wars, calamities of your external world that can be a tool of your planets to affect you. Ie, if your country is going to go through an epidemic, and your going through an obstacle Dasha, then you would opt to get out of town. Cause your planet is looking to give you a calamity and you would want to get a less severe one ;). Or if you are going to have a Venus return to its natal placement and this will help you bring a woman into your life, then understanding the most suitable mundane conditions of your surroundings could help you find a good district or country to go to find her that is beneficial for you. Say for me, with my cartography, when I go through my Venus return I might opt to take a trip to Spain or Britain. Because my Venus’ sign of Scorpio rises over that part of the world. And so my Venus is most strong there, so the country itself is beneficial to my Venus return.

Why and How your life is going:

Solar Return (Varshaphal), your “yearly” chart based on your Sun’s return to its birth location.

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