Videos: Exaltation and Debilitation

When a planet is exalted it is the strongest position for that placement, if it is debilitated it means it is at its most troubled.

Define Exalted: raised or elevated, as in rank or character; of high station (Dictionary).

Define Debilitated: lacking strength or vigor (Dictionary).

Exalted: Sun in Aries

Exalted: Moon in Taurus

Exalted: Mercury in Virgo

Exalted: Venus in Pisces

Exalted: Mars in Capricorn

Exalted: Jupiter in Cancer

Exalted: Saturn in Libra

Debilitated: Sun in Libra

Debilitated: Moon in Scorpio

Debilitated: Mercury in Pisces

Debilitated: Venus in Virgo

Debilitated: Mars in Cancer

Debilitated: Jupiter in Capricorn

Debilitated: Saturn in Aries


Siren Watcher

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