What’s Your Signs Names?

Translation of English Astrology Names to Greek, Varaha Mihira, Indian, Babylonian and Sumerian (sorry sumerian to be advised due to misplacing the book that info was in! Ha. I will get it and update later on ;-)). The names are done relatively in order, with Sumerian being the oldest name and English being the newest language for sign naming :)

English Name: Aries

Degree: 0-30°

English Equivalent: Ram (Headstrong)

Greek Names: Krios

Varaha Mihira: Kriya

Indian Names: Mesha

Babylonian Names: Ku or Iku

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Taurus

Degree: 30°-60°

English Equivalent: Bull (Patience)

Greek Names: Tauros

Varaha Mihira: Taburi

Indian Names: Vrishaba

Babylonian Names: Te-te

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Gemini

Degree: 60°-90°

English Equivalent: Twins (Speed)

Greek Names: Didumoi

Varaha Mihira: Jituma

Indian Names: Mithuna

Babylonian Names: Masmasu

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Cancer

Degree: 90°-120°

English Equivalent: Crab (Protection)

Greek Names: Karxinos

Varaha Mihira: Kulira

Indian Names: Kataka

Babylonian Names: Nangaru

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Leo

Degree: 120°-150°

English Equivalent: Lion (Strength)

Greek Names: Leon

Varaha Mihira: Leya

Indian Names: Simha

Babylonian Names: Aru

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Virgo

Degree: 150°-180°

English Equivalent: Virgin (Perfection)

Greek Names: Parthenos

Varaha Mihira: Pathona

Indian Names: Kanya

Babylonian Names: Ki

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Libra

Degree: 180°-210°

English Equivalent: Balance (Trade)

Greek Names: Zugos

Varaha Mihira: Juka

Indian Names: Thula

Babylonian Names: Nuru

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Scorpio

Degree: 210°-240°

English Equivalent: Scorpion (Darkness)

Greek Names: Scorpios

Varaha Mihira: Kaurpa

Indian Names: Vrischika

Babylonian Names: Akrabu

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Sagittarius

Degree: 240°-270°

English Equivalent: Archer (Adventure)

Greek Names: Tozeutes

Varaha Mihira: Tauksika

Indian Names: Dhanus

Babylonian Names: Pa

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Capricorn

Degree: 270°-300°

English Equivalent: Goat (Determination)

Greek Names: Ligoxeros

Varaha Mihira: Akokera

Indian Names: Makara

Babylonian Names: Sahu

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Aquarius

Degree: 300°-330°

English Equivalent: Water Bearer (Invention)

Greek Names: Gdroxoos

Varaha Mihira: Hrdroga

Indian Names: Kumbha

Babylonian Names: Gu

Sumerian Names: TBA

English Name: Pisces

Degree: 330°-360°

English Equivalent: Fish (The Beyond)

Greek Names: Ichthues

Varaha Mihira: Antyabha

Indian Names: Meena

Babylonian Names: Zib

Sumerian Names: TBA

TBA = To Be Advised.


Dreyer, R. G., 1997. Vedic astrology : a guide to the fundamentals of jyotish. 2nd ed. Boston, MA, USA: Red Wheel/Weiser.

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