Are You Male or Female This Lifetime?

Okay so this is how you “feel” how much of your body is made up of male and female parts.

So each planet has its own sex, or no sex, and therefore the signs roll into this.


Is Male, therefore anything in Leo and/or 5th House will have a masculine feel.

Leo’s element is masculine (fire).

Leo = masculine (planet) + masculine (element).


Is Female, therefore anything in Cancer and/or 4th House, will have a feminine feel.

Cancer’s element is feminine (water).

Cancer = feminine (planet) + feminine (element).


Is of No-Sex, therefore anything in Gemini, 3rd House, Virgo and/or 6th House, will have an a-sexual feel.

Gemini’s element is masculine (air), and Virgo’s element is feminine (earth).

Gemini = no sex (planet) + masculine (element).

Virgo = no sex (planet) + feminine (element).


Is Female, therefore anything in Taurus, 2nd House, Libra and/or 7th House will have a feminine feel.

Taurus’s element is feminine (earth), and Libra’s element is masculine (air).

Taurus = feminine (planet) + feminine (element).

Libra = feminine (planet) + masculine (element).


Is Male, therefore anything in Aries, 1st House, Scorpio and/or 8th House will have a masculine feel.

Aries’s element is masculine (fire), and Scorpio’s element is feminine (water)

Aries = masculine (planet) + masculine (element).

Scorpio = masculine (planet) + feminine (element).


Is Male, therefore anything in Pisces, 12th House, Sagittarius and/or 9th House will have a masculine feel.

Pisces’s element is feminine (water), and Sagittarius’s element is masculine (fire).

Pisces = masculine (planet) + feminine (element).

Sagittarius = masculine (planet) + masculine (element).


Is of No-Sex, therefore anything in Aquarius, 11th House, Capricorn and/or 10th House will have an a-sexual feel.

Aquarius’s element is masculine (air), and Capricorn’s element is feminine (earth).

Aquarius = no sex (planet) + masculine (element).

Capricorn = no sex (planet) + feminine (element).


What they Represent in Life (to do with their sexual orientation):


Father Figures and Authority.


Mother Figures and Carers.


Siblings and Messengers.


Wives, Aunts and Female Friends.


Male Friends and Boyfriends.


Husbands and Teachers.


Bosses and Uncles.


So whilst you are a female in this lifetime. You may feel that you are more manly due to having your Ascendant as male (sign), Sun as 1/2 male (sign) and 1/2 male (house) and moon as 1/2 no-sex (sign) and 1/2 male (house). You still have female bits, but your personality (ascendant, sun and moon combined) is predominantly male. Or vice-versa :-D. This does not make you that sex in form, but this makes you much more of that sex in persona. There are people who love these characteristics within the other sex. Ie, people look for their descendant, their opposite, and etc. Love who you are :-D


Siren Watcher

You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are! Astrology gives you the ability to see how similar, and how unique, you are in the crowd :).