How To Use Your Astrology in Day to Day Life to Help You [Daily Astrology]

Astrology has specific algorithms which give you specific ways to boost” the likelihood of getting the result you want. Example, you want to buy a car, so you can boost the chances from 50% to 80% if you follow a better algorithm rather than the normal 50% chance you normally have (unless your intuitive then you are naturally able to read your own ‘biorhythms’/algorithm).

Not following the algorithm wont take your 50% chance away, so don’t worry :D But if you want your 80% because you don’t like to fail, or you think its too important to screw up, then by all means, use what you’ve got and flaunt it :)!


Commonly called Auspicious times ( in Astrology, knowing when the part of your life your looking to use is favoured can do wonders in terms of your own assurance. Such as, if your moon is at 100% boost, then your mind is the most powerful and much harder to be swayed. Or when knowing that you have a planet in retrograde in your birth horoscope, that when the planet goes retrograde in the world, yearly, that it boosts your planet during that time to achieve what it has trouble achieving out of retrograde times.

So you can see how this can be of great use ;)

Planet transits Sign, Nakshatra and Pada

So every planet rules over something in life, and when they are transiting over their “native” position in your chart, then they are at their most strongest. Its like “coming home” in terms of being in the place of most comfort for themselves, no one can rain on your parade if your at your strongest in yourself. So when the planets return to their native points, they are most strong.

So each planet rules over a part of your life… in many different ways. They rule people, such as Venus is wife and Jupiter is husband, so when these planets are returning to their native placements/homes they can bring with them an opportunistic meeting of a significant other. Or say Saturn traditionally rules over career, so when he transits his native home, he can bring with him career opportunities for you, etc, etc.

So first importance in terms of transit is the specific sign. So if your Moon is in Virgo, when Moon transits all of Virgo, you will, for a rough idea, Moon will get an 80% boost, so you will feel your mind to be 80% more balanced.

For second importance, is the specific nakshatra. So if your Moon is in Virgo, in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, then when Moon transits the mini sign, then it will be 90% emotionally boosted.

For the most importance, is the specific pada. So if your Moon is in Virgo, in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, in pada 3, then your moon will be 100% boosted to maximum capacity. Ie, your brain feels like its in heaven.

So all planets have their sign, nakshatra and pada. So, when the planet (such as if your looking for husband, the planet is Jupiter), you are specifically needing for a task, transits its placement, you will receive the required boost in the task you need..

For transit times see the Ephemeris (only goes in two year bits so it tells you whats around the corner, not whats ahead of that so this link is for short term planning, i’ll find one for long term later down the track).

Time of Birth

Time of birth provides the best time to do things, whether your born in the day, night or twilight for a good use. For best use, the exact specific time.

Lord’s Time of Day

The Lord’s time of day is when they are strongest. Seek the specific house that you are looking for, such as, when you should be alone, your 12th lord, when you are looking to your savings 2nd lord, etc etc.

Example, so 9th Lord is Overseas Travel. If you are looking to make travel decisions, wait till the 9th Lord (counting with ascendant to the 9th sign, for an Aries ascendant the 9th Lord is Jupiter [Sagittarius planet]) is strongest in the following…


Background = Days of the Week:

Monday = Moon’s Day = Moon

Tuesday = Tyr’s Day = Mars

Wednesday = Wodin’s Day = Mercury

Thursday = Thor’s Day = Jupiter

Friday = Freya’s Day = Venus

Saturday = Saturn’s Day = Saturn

Sunday = Sun’s Day = Sun

(The middle names are the original Norse Gods names and current ones used are the Roman Gods names).

The Hora = The Time of Day:

Is done by the hour after sunrise and sunset.

List of the times:

Hora Times of Day

Also, so if you internet search “sunrise” or “sunset” you will find the hours of sunrise and sunset.

Today for me, saturday, sunrise was 5.42am.

So from 5.42 to 6.42am, it was the hour of Saturn.

I was looking at the information at 3:41pm, which is 5.42am + 10 hours = 3.41pm (- 1 minute :-)).

This would meant that I was about to (in one minute) go into the Hora (hour) of Mercury.

So it changes with everyday of the week because of the planet that rules that day will go first cause its their day :D.

(if you have longer than 12 hours between sunrise and sunset you go back to 1, ie, pretend 1 is 13 hours past sunrise/sunset, etc, then the next sunrise/sunset returns it back to the start like a clean wash. Like sunrise goes from 1-12, then 1, 2, then sunset starts so you start at 1 again).

So the importance on the planet is in what they rule for you, ie, Lords.

So if I want to do something for marriage, I look at where my 7th Lord’s time of day is.

Example, Aries Ascendant (count around 7 including itself, so aries, taurus, etc till 7 = 7th Lord) has its 7th Lord as Libra. So Libra’s ruling planet is Venus.

So Venus’s time of Day on Saturday after Sunrise is the 5th Hour and 12th Hour and after Sunset is 7th Hour.

So if sunrise is at 5.42am…

5.42am then + 5 hours = 10.42am to 11.42am.

5.42am + 12 hours = 5.42pm to 6.42pm.

And if sunset is at 8.05pm…

8.05pm + 7 hours = 3.05am to 4.04am (which is prior to sunrise so counted as Saturday till the sun rises the next day, win!)

So if you follow the link chart, and get the counting. You can plan things daily for a booster :).

Hora of the Sun and Moon

Hora Chart

Figure out whether the planet prefers the day or the night, ie, if its in 25 degrees Pisces, then it is in the Hora of the Sun, so stronger in the day.

Dasha and Mahadasha

So this is useful for a life-time look, but its harder to do for a short term look.

It can be done but you’ll get it out of luck to sync up in the short term XD.

A dasha cycle is exactly what you use though for a larger look.

Say you want find out when you will find your career, you look at your second biggest planet, your amatya karaka. See when its going through its dasha and it will be at its strongest then.

To randomly sync up though is luck, because they change every one to few years rotating through the planets in the small cycle, and the dashas every ten to twenty :P!

They are used for a life look, for a list of these:

To do yourself (after submitting, click on vimshottari, for what each planet represents for you is here)


So all these steps together for the strongest…

… Example …

Mars: I’m looking at when I will have the most power in my body.

So if I find my Mars’ Sign, Nakshatra and Pada transit time:

So for me my Mars moves in its Sign on Friday, 13th February 2015 for an ‘80%’ boost

Mars moves in its Sign + Nakshatra between 16°40′ – 30° which is on Thursday, 5th March 2015 for a ‘90%’ boost.

Mars moves into Sign (Pisces) + Nakshatra (Revati) + Pada (3rd) between 23-26 degrees which is on Tuesday, 14th March 2015 for a 100% boost.

Absolute peak is at 25.41, which is Wednesday, 18th March 2015.

Then it goes back down the other side of the mountain, back through Nakshatra 90% and rest of Sign 100% till it moves through into a new sign.

+ Mars Lord’s Jupiter’s transit (so his boss/fuel is strong too):

My Mars is in Pisces, so it’s Lord = Jupiter.

Jupiter is in Taurus, Jupiter transits Taurus a few years ago, and Jupiter has a wide transit time of 1 year per sign movement. So… he isn’t coming back for a while XD. So I cant use his boost for this planet for another 10 years (cause he’s in cancer now, so cancer to taurus = 10 placements = 10 years).

So I can’t get Mars’s lord boost until the next Jupiter transit XD.

For record though, planets like sun, moon and mercury who move quickly in comparison will be easier to get to sync planets with their lords in transit. Ie, moon does the whole zodiac in a month, so if a planet is in Cancer, you can try to sync it up with its lord Moon 12 times a year :)

+ Hora

Mars’ day is Tuesday (so i like using the strongest day), so even though Mars peaks on Wednesday 18th of March, because Tuesday is Mars’ day it may work in a greater benefit on the day before, as he is 25.01′ peaked anyway that day.

So on a Tuesday Mars is strongest after sunrise in the 1st Hour (as its his day) and 8th Hour, and after sunset 3rd Hour and 10th Hour.

So on 17th March, 2015 sunrise = 6.55am, and sunset = 7.11pm.

6.55am + 1 Hour after sunrise = 6.55am to 7.55am

6.55am + 8 Hours after sunrise = 2.55pm to 3.55pm

7.11pm + 3 Hours after sunset = 10.11pm – 11.11pm

7.11pm + 10 Hours after sunset = 5.11am to 6.11am

+ closest to my Birth Time (so afternoon/twilight)

So because I am born at 3.54pm I want to get the time closest to my birth.

6.55am + 8 Hours after sunrise = 2.55pm to 3.55pm

Dasha and Mahadasha

So this needs to be done for a long-term look. Like if your planning to get married over the 80 years of your life, you can find the perfect time because you have a bigger amount of transits to work with.

I’m in Rahu’s 18 year Dasha, Mahadasha of Saturn for another year, then Mahadasha of Mercury… so syncing this up with Mars, is a larger picture look. Can’t be done for me for a while, like the Lords :P


So Mars is in 25 degrees Pisces which is the Hora of the Sun = Daytime.

Now when it comes down to Hora, if it comes into confliction with your birth time. Choose Hora because the Hora is the happiness of the planet in comparison to your overall happiness. Both are useful, Hora is more for this task.

So for arguments sake, my planet may prefer

6.55am + 1 Hour after sunrise = 6.55am to 7.55am, because its strongest in the morning.


I am a night owl, being a Sagittarius. So this time is not useful for me.

So remember to take things like “when you will have time to sit down and throw your planet a party”, aka, the closest to perfection and a day and time when you feel most comfortable. No good spouting off that ur planet will be strongest at midnight if your not awake to take in/celebrate the effects ;)

Like every year, everyone gets a party to celebrate that on the day that their sun returns to its native position. Its your day that your happiness (sun) is at its strongest.

So… hypothetically, all planets are important, throw yourself a personal party everytime a planet is strong. Why not.

What this guide is for though, is to, instead of a party, allow you to pick the right thing to do instead of celebrate, it might be buy a car, or start a new job, or sell a house. Its an event. Its what its for… to figure out what your awesome events of your life are :)

Not just one birthday. The birthday of all your planets XD

So, in summary, at 2.55pm to 3.55pm, on Tuesday, 17th March, 2015… I am my next most powerful!!

And on this day, because my Mars is in Pisces in the 11th House, i might choose to meditate (pisces) with a group of friends (11th house).

Because this is would be my Mars’ favourite thing to do.

And this is what it means.

The planet will be strong, and calling for what it wants to come into its life.

The guide explains to you how to know, when the right planet will be calling exactly what you need and to plan for it.

So pretend each cat (planet) has a strong time, and your picking the right cat who is calling for the right thing that you want.



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