Meaning: Houses

(Section is only supplied if birth date is provided)

The middle numbers in the circle on your birth chart are called houses.

Signs will be located in different houses depending on your birth time.

It is calculated from what sign was “rising” in the east at the time you were born – “ascending on the eastern horizon”.

It is important because it explains what the planet and sign are concerned with in your life.

Such as:

The planet Jupiter1 could be in Taurus2 in your 1st House3.

This translates to meaning that you have Wisdom1 when it comes to your stubborn nature2 for your personality and appearance3.

Without the house you wouldn’t know Jupiter’s focus area.

If it were Jupiter1 in Taurus2 in your 2nd House3.

That would imply that your stubborn2 wisdom1 was more concerned with your money3, rather than your appearance.

You can have multiple signs in the houses.

This means that more areas of your life will be focused on the house.


1st: Personality and Appearance

2nd: Finances and Possessions

3rd: Communication

4th: Home

5th: Creativity and Children

6th: Work and Health

7th: Marriage and Partnerships

8th: Sex and Death

9th: Philosophy and Religion

10th: Career

11th: Friends and Theologies

12th: Subconscious

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