Sidereal Astrology Apps

Tropical Skies Astrology by  JyotishTools
  • … includes a large world atlas with over 156,000 locations and no need for a data connection to get coordinates for places.
  • … sidereal calculations for astrological charts available (click ‘settings’ and tick the sidereal box to get all positions in sidereal).
  • … horoscope may be saved to external memory as a picture to email or print.



Telugu Astrology



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  • Correct KP degrees.
  • Planets are in English.
  • Signs are in Sanskrit, so you can just google them easy, ie Dhanu is Sagittarius.

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Siren Watcher

You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are! Astrology gives you the ability to see how similar, and how unique, you are in the crowd :).