Where to Find your Birth Time?

Dont stress if you cant recall your birth time (major thumbs up to those that do ;))

Here are some places to find it:

Birth Certificate

Some countries include your birth time on your birth certificate.

Baby Book

Some parents keep a record of the first few months/year of their children’s lives for memories.


Hospitals keep records of your birth details/time.

So just google your hospital.

Find their contact details.

Call them.

They will put you through to their Records department to collect your data :)

Just explain that you were “born at this hospital and would like to know your birth details” if they ask specifically say you would like your birth time.


They remember the agony accurately enough to remember when it stopped sometimes.

If You REALLY Cannot Find It

You can figure it out yourself.

So say your parents say you are born between 1 – 3pm.

You can do readings for 1pm, 2pm and 3pm.

And see which one feel more like you.

Ascendants move every 2.5 hours, so you an check and feel out which Ascendant is more like you.

Also if any planets move houses (or signs if they are on the cusp) with the Ascendants movements then you can hone in and judge those individual planets for those parts of your life.

And when you have decided which one – say you find the 2pm chart most accurate.

You can see if there are any changes between 1.30pm, 1.45pm, 2pm, 2.15pm and 2.30pm.

You may find just one thing moves a house.

And that may be able to tell you the difference.

This is important for the Dasha Cycles, 10 minutes* moves a MahaDasha cycle a month :)

It begins on the degree of the Moon and the Moon moves the quickest. Staying in a sign for only 2.5 days. So there are 3 nakshatras within each sign and etc, which can change a lot for the Dasha cycle.

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