Sidereal Full/New Moon Lunar Phases

Think of the Moon like this.

Its emotions, your thoughts and your intuition.

So everytime the Moon transits its native sign (ie, goes to the sign its located in your chart), it gets a “mental boost”. This is good and bad, what it does is gives you more understanding of that part of you. Like… it just means, in terms of the moon transit, is that you are able to clearly think. And so when you can can clearly think, you can make stronger decisions and you learn about that part of yourself more.

All transits do this. When they return home, they learn about themselves, ie, “you learn about that part of you”. It reflects, because it feels safe where it is.

Which is great.

So the Moon itself, gives you a boost in 1/3rd of your personality, which is why its transits are so important, ie, why you feel them so much. That “time of the month” that women have, is them syncing up with their moon and going through an emotional detox where they feel super strong and upheaved through understanding.

Men also experience, but its less impactual because the Moon is female, so it hits more important for females. Whereas a Sun transit would be more important for males, because its a male planet. So just giving you the heads up, women hypothetically get a x2 hit for 2.5 days every month, whereas men get a x2 hit for 1 month of the year. It balances out to be equalish, though there are more male planets…

Anyway anyway, each planet gives you upheavals in each area. Sun is strength and soul (male), Moon is understanding and emotions (female), Mercury is intelligence and communication (no sex), Venus is love and possessions (female), Mars is power and will (male), Jupiter is knowledge and spirituality (male) and Saturn is stability and reality (no sex). So there are 2 female, 3 male and 2 no sex which would affect equally. Anyway… back to the main point, this is specific about the moon and I’ll explain why its important.

So one third of your personality is Sun, one third is Moon and one third is Ascendant. All these three combined make your personality.

So the Moon plays a big role in your life, as does the Sun and Ascendant.

The Ascendant (which is calculated by the constellation that was rising on the eastern horizon at time of birth) has its transits happen daily, because each sign moves every 2.5 hours on the eastern horizon. So you get a daily boost, this is normal growth, at one point of the day you may feel stronger than in other points, but as you may have thought… this boost would do semi-unnoticed because it happens daily. You get a kick, and you move on… its kind of cool to know it, but tracking it daily might be hard.

So the Sun happens yearly, this is called your Birthday and you give yourself a party with it. This is what the Sun wants, as the sun transitionally rules over the 5th house of parties ;), so however you choose to party depends on the sign and house. Example, Sun in Sagittarius in the 8th House, likes to have an explorative sexual party, HA! So you feel me, the type of party will differ on the Sun’s placement. So this is more important for men as said earlier, it doesn’t mean women don’t get their birthdays. It just means they have a boost, its just not as dramatic. Men really experience their birthdays as a life changing thing. Whereas women experience this life changing upheaval monthly.

Anyway… :)

So why the Moon is so important, for men and women, is that it rules the right side of your brain and intuition.

This is very important when it comes down to setting “your mind to something”.

In occultism, this is called Intentional Work. And it involves you saying, a kind of mantra, to utilise the energy of your change into a specific purpose.

This is what you can do…

Rather than being slapped on the face with a wave of water, you can direct the water to pull you downstream to where you want it to take you. For an analogy :D…

So back to reality, the energy is going to you, men and women, women just receiving a stronger boost, still a boost gentlemen. Use it. Power is useful. But this could also be useful on your Sun return for your birthday as well… good thinking people reading this… XD.

Use the ephemeris to figure out when the moon goes back to your native placement :D, (remember its the moon not the sun’s placement).

So, the process works by;

1. Take some time out.

2. Pick up a pen.

3. Write some goals on it that you think/expect you can accomplish in one month, ie, write something that you expect could happen and that you want to happen, you are only swaying the tide, not jumping into a different ocean :P Be good to yourself… yea, its like praying. Exactly like praying, to yourself, and asking the Moon while its boosted. Its like asking a string gym junkie to help you pick up something… or that pretty girl for advice on women while shes in a good mood ;) Dont push your luck and abuse the privileged of having them around, is what i mean… She will loose her strength, Ms Moon, after 2.5 days and go out of your sign, and go to help someone else. But she doesn’t forget her programming. This is because it is a part of you, and its strongest when its in your sign. So no other sign that it lands in (through your body) is able to conquer it. If that makes sense… So the person helping you, becomes weaker the rest of the month… so what this means, if you are with me, is that whatever you program yourself to do, mentally, cant be broken until it returns to the next month.

4. Center yourself (i always sit down and breathe in a few times, till i am relaxed… cause you know… the more determined you feel, is what you are programming it to be like. Your locking away whatever you say in a bottle and setting it adrift within you for a month to do its work, so however you sound or feel is what it uses, because your speaking as it… if that makes sense… so don’t worry if your afraid, nervous, pessimistic, it knows, its you. Your just asking you, on your best day, to help you out for the next month. Know yourself, know what your probably capable of, and set it adrift).

5. Ask for a new friend, if you are in a position to find one (ie, you go places where you are able to meet one). , Ask for a new car, if you are in a position to pay for one.Ask for what you are ready to receive, and what you are able to take into your life. Don’t be rude to yourself! Its not worth the stress :P!

Enjoy :D

This is an excellent video I watched by on youtube about it.

So this is fantastic, DO IT!

But there is a deeper side of it :).

So every month the moon goes through two phases, the Full Moon and the New Moon. These are when… to put it into perspective. The Moon, void of you, becomes most strong. If that makes sense. If you disappeared, the Moon would be strongest in the world on the Full/New days, but also for you, because you have birthed alongside it, you receive your birth, when you were born alongside it.

So these energy, that is void of you. But you can line it up great to being the “you boost” ie, the moon returning to your native placement and the Full or New Moon cycles.

I’ve tested it on a few people, checked it for myself, recalled that a friend has that Moon sign and asked them how that day was for them. They always have a good story, that something great happened to them on that day, like a massage or a great purchase. In my case, when researched the days affects (Moon in Virgo, I think in research), I found myself receiving a free psychic healing! Which made my Rahu (in my Rahu dasha) and Moon, extremely happy (as to heal my dasha lord was the perfect way to make me feel more emotionally balanced, and Rahu being obsessed with alternative healing). The healer even noted the area of my body were Rahu resides was in need of healing that day. I was very happy XD.

Putting it to purposeful direct use is extremely powerful.

Ever wanted help?

Use your strongest friend ;).


P.S. some years wont have a full moon or new moon of a sign, whereas other signs may have two or three, you take the luck of the draw. But you will get a lot over your lifetime. So use it whilst you can ;)

Also some months have two full moons, etc etc, because in the west we only have one calendar (most eastern countries have two, which is much less complicated then trying to squish into one…) our calendars use the sun movements rather than the moons. They claim to be “luni-solar” which means to use both, but through all my research I find this to be relatively biased, based on principle being of the sun and then secondary the moon. But so this is why the moon is iregularly represented in the west, whereas the east its got its own calendar so you can see its sense.

I would hypothetise that its because, the earth has its own yin/yang system, and currently the west is governed by yang and the east is governed by yin. Yang being masculine (air and fire), as we can see the west is dominated by power, the the east is governed by yin (water and earth), as you can see they are more interested in tradition. These I do believe move, like the earth’s kundalini, but I don’t know when they shift or what their time periods are. Like the great year moves ever 2150 years (they say), so the cycles may be longer or shorter in terms of which side of the world rules which energy center. Both are useful of course :)

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