Why do Tropical Readings Sometimes Fit?

So, you have read your sidereal sign and you realise its accurate.

But when you read a tropical reading, though not as correct as a sidereal definition, fits you in a weird way too… and you want to know why!

1. You have a planet in the other sign.

So if you are given the title of Sun in Capricorn, and you read Capricorn, it can feel right for you if you have another planet in Capricorn. The Sun is the left side of your brain, but you have lots of other body parts being directed energy too! So, if you have Mercury in Capricorn, when you read Sun in Capricorn, your intelligence will get activated. And even though the reading wont make you “happy” which is what a sun reading will do (sun = happiness). You will get a completely different effect but still understand you are getting some kind of affect. Such as if you had Venus in Capricorn, you would adore what you are reading (rather than feel strength)! :D

Read about each planet to understand what they make you feel when you experience them in your life :D.

2. Astrologers infuse the qualities of a sign (sidereal sign) to a different sign (tropical sign).

Some astrologers write based on their own experience.

So they meet an Aries, and believe all qualities that this person exhibits are Aries attributes… you can see the problem right away. Cause their a Pisces. So they are using what they see and applying that to the wrong sign.

Or they know.

So some astrologers know that there is Sidereal and Tropical. Yet they know that most of the Western market is demanding Tropical. So they do it a trick. And they imbue all the Sidereal Sign’s qualities onto the Tropical sign that someone is reading. So that the person gets the right answer, even though its under the wrong Sign Title.

So I have read Taurus horoscopes which are clearly Aries horoscopes. A good look at it is the “angry bull”. As we all know, cows/bulls sit in fields all day, eating grass and bothering no one. In some cultures huge buffalo pull carts for traders, etc etc. They are fixed, patient animals, and this is why they represent the sign of Taurus. Whereas common western culture describes the animal as aggressive. Which is because westerners, who are given the title of Taurus, imbue their qualities onto the sign. Aries, Mars, qualities. Aggression, dominance and confidence. Whereas Taurus, Venus qualities of beauty, love and patience are often left out of a western tropical horoscope reading to appease the readers.

Read up on what a sign means, ie, get a breakdown and figure it out yourself!

So, for example.

Taurus is a mixture of:

Venus planet + Earth element + Fixed quality.

That is all.

This is what makes a sign what it is. Which is why signs have stuff in common. So all earth signs, though ruled by different planets and qualities, will all be influenced by money. Because that is a part of earth (money is created from things under the earth). And so on.

But so Aries and Taurus have none of those things above as common. So when you read a Taurus reading that says Taurus is “aggressive”, you know that this example is the case, that they “know” and are being tricky :P. And all signs can be applied like this… a sagittarius being “sexual” or a leo being “homely”, etc, etc, is a scorpio under a sagittarius title, and a cancer under a leo title.

3. Terminology (words)

Words are very important.

I define this as “good synonyms” and “bad synonyms”.

To use the example of Aries and Taurus again.

Aries is generally referred to as “headstrong”.

And Taurus is referred to as “stubborn”.

If you are reading those words, you can kind of place both words into the same box in your head if you only roughly know their specific meaning.

This is what most people complain about in a western tropical reading, that the readings are too “general”.

This is caused by bad synonyms.

So if you use a right word, people 100% agree with you.

If you use a poor synonym, they go “ummm… ahhh… kinda.”

So, if you are learning astrology, learn the right words to describe yourself.

So headstrong is implies both words “head” and “strong”. The body part that rules Aries is the head, and their planet Mars is the planet of Power.

The word “stubborn” implies “fixed” which is the quality of Taurus. Stubborn means, to not move. Which in itself the definition could be seen as patience (Venus) mixed with upholding the status quo (Fixed) which would give you the reason behind the creation of the word Stubborn.

So these are the reasons :)

Tropical is mathematically wrong.

They feel right to you because you are unique.

Tropical is Entertainment in the West.

Sidereal is a Life Science in the East.


I say, “if you want to be mathematically incorrect that’s your right, just don’t expect to get to x or y.” (in reference to algebra, meaning they wont be able to usefully figure anything out).

Use this.

Or think up your own fun thing to say.

Because it can be hard, (if your western) in a world full of tropical, to be sidereal.

Gotta figure out a way to deal with it!

Or… if you meet anyone who likes the Golden Dawn society, or is Indian, well you have a strong chance of finding a siderealist :)


P.S. Also… I just want to say, thank YOU, for using this website. Because it reminds me that I’m not the only siderealist, in a world* full of tropicalists XD.

*I know this is not the case but its hard being a minority (in the west).

Thanks again! :)

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