What Is My Personality In Astrology?

1/3rd = Sun (Soul)


2/3rd = Moon (Thoughts)


3/3rd = Ascendant (Body)




Atma Karaka

So you combine, ascendant sign + sun sign + sun house + moon sign + moon house, and you get a good understanding of the personality.

Other planets rule over other things.


Sun = Left side of brain.

Moon = Right side of brain.

Ascendant = Outer body.

Atma Karaka = Part of you which you hear the loudest from. The biggest part of you in your body. So you feel its a very strong part of who you are.

These are the things you see and that are most active within the body, therefore, this gives you the impression that these parts are yourself.

So you believe they are who you are. Therefore, the common meaning is that this is “your personality”.

Though remember, as you acknowledge that you have a stomach. Also acknowledge that your personality isn’t your eternal self.

As the stomach is a part of you, also the brain and body are parts of you, their ROLE in life is to be your personality. As the stomach’s ROLE is to give you energy and power.

The personality is just playing one part, the main role.

You are all roles in the play, the stomach, etc, etc.

Have the strength and the caring to be yourself.

But don’t forget that you are all of you.


Siren Watcher

You are the epitome of awesome! Astrology is meant to corroborate what you already know. You are born to be yourself! Enjoy each part of you. Enjoy who you are! Astrology gives you the ability to see how similar, and how unique, you are in the crowd :).