What Kind Of Shoes Do You Like? What Influences Your Feet.

So the 12th House/Pisces rules over your feet. As you can see from the above image and depending on what is affecting the House/Sign, determines how you treat your feet :).

12th Lord.

Look to the 12th Lord in terms of the overall feeling of your feet.

The Lord’s placement is considered fuel in the engine rather than the car itself.

But definitely affects the “overall vibe” of your feet and the whisper in your ear of how to treat them.

To figure out out the Lord, follow this article for a quick further help. For example, for an Aries Ascendant, Jupiter will rule over the 12th House.

When you have worked out your ruling planet (in the above example, Jupiter), you look to where Jupiter is in your birth chart and see where it is placed. So the 12th Lord is in the _ house. Wherever the Lord (the planet ruling over the 12th house) is placed, that house/sign/planet combination will influence your 12th House.

For an example. The 12th Lord, as Jupiter, is in Taurus in the 1st House. This could mean that your feet (12th House) are influenced by wisdom (Jupiter), savings (Taurus) and action (1st House) :). Read up about each sign/house/planet and you will get a feel for how this Lordship could be affecting your feet/shoes :). In this example, one might always like to buy discount masculine shoes :).

Pisces and the 12th House.

What is in this house and sign, influences your feet/shoes.

Each planet has its own distinct feel, and when placed in this position. Gives an affect on how you view your feet, subconscious, feelings, the beyond and spirituality, etc.

For a two word example on how the planets placed in this position will affect the look of your shoes:

Sun = Personality and individuality.

Moon = Caring and comfort.

Mercury = Speed and efficiency.

Venus = Love and class.

Mars =  Masculinity and power.

Jupiter = Wisdom and wealth.

Saturn = Practicality and survival.

They might influence with their corresponding colour (the signs and houses are included for the lordship placement :-));

Sun/Moon/Leo/Moon/5th/4th = Indigo.

Mercury/Gemini/Virgo/3rd/6th = Blue.

Venus/Taurus/Libra/2nd7th = Green.

Mars/Aries/Scorpio/1st/8th = Yellow.

Jupiter/Sagittarius/Pisces/9th/12th = Orange.

Saturn/Capricorn/Aquarius/10th/11th = Red.

Last example, so say currently, someone with Mars (masculinity) in Pisces (orange), and a Lordship of Jupiter (orange) in Taurus (savings)/1st (sports). Might own discount orange and black masculine looking sports shoes :). Generally will purchase shoes which are influenced by monetary reasons either as to save cost or to look classy (taurus/jupiter) and exert power (mars/1st) :).


I hope you have faith (pisces/12th) in your shoes and that you are subconsciously (pisces/12th) okay with how your feet are in your life :).

For more information on your overall 12th House, watch the 12th Lord videos.

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