Video on Mars Aspects [with points transcript]


Mars represents; energy in this life.
Its what gets us going to go and hunt for the food.
Mars represents the conquered land, a soldier, a fighter, an athlete.
He has to go and conquer the land and say we won.
Male brothers, male friends.
Fire, blood, sharp objects, knives.

Mars aspects 7th place from itself.
4th place from itself and 8th place from itself.
Example: If in the 10th House it would aspect, the 4th House (7 places, 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), 1st House (4 places, 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st) and 5th House (8 places, 10th, 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th).

Mars’s sign that its placed in determines how Mars is going to act.
Mars in venus signs, taurus and libra are non-aggressive, but other signs are aggressive.

Why does Mars have special aspects?
The reason why Mars is given the 4th Aspect, because the 4th Aspect represents home, land, people of the homeland. What is a soldier? He fights for the people of the land. Also because Mother protection and Soldier is protection.
Why 7th Aspect, every one has a 7th aspect.
Why 8th Aspect, the 8th house is house that is like a black hole where no light ever works. It feels demonic and you can be scared of this room. Mars wants to face his fears and deal with the emergencies of this world, a soldier is one that sees all the gory things in life. Mars is not afraid, so he seeks to face the fears of mystery of the 8th aspect.

Mars in 1st House: action orientated, wants to be first in everything they do. Its in the ascendant, therefore it filters on every other house. Mars looks at the 4th House here becomes very protective of their home, mother and very protective. Engaged in weapons, collect in weapons. 7th House, house of spouse, marriage, unionships and other people, will always try to dominate other people. General in everybodys life. Always try to control their spouse, and how they need to behave. Try to put another person into a boot camp. A very power controlling aspect of Mars. 8th House, someone not afraid to face emergencies and not afraid of death, they want to know what death feels like. A lot of athletes and fights have this energy, willing to shed blood for it, like surgery.

Mars in 1st and 3rd and collect knives and guns, and toys of them.

Mars in 3rd House: shows that person who has a younger brother, will be very competitive with their younger brother and have arguements with them. Aspect on the 9th House means that they wont want to have anything to do with the teacher and fathers teaching. I am going to go there and try to conquer your position, i want to be the teacher. Trying to overtake the 9th house. The person who wont believe in religion, unless exalted then they are extremely dedicated towards religion because they are determined to be better than their teachers. 10th House, not afraid of society of their coworkers and bosses. They want to conquer their bosses and society at large. They are going to shed blood in society or their work environment. They dont care if they are hurting the company or bosses, because they want to be the best salesperson out there. Great investigative journalist, will go into the middle of the war, and dont care if they get beheaded.

In book Aspects at the Speed of Light, goes into all descriptions of Mars’ house aspects.


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