Divisional Charts


Divisional 1 Chart: Body, Physical Matters and all General Matters (Rasi)

Divisional 2 Chart: Wealth, Family (Hora)

Divisional 3 Chart: Siblings, Nature (Dreshkana)

Divisional 4 Chart: Fortune and Property (Chaturthamsa)

Divisional 5 Chart: Fame & Power (Panchamsa)

Divisional 6 Chart: Health (Shasthamsa)

Divisional 7 Chart: Children/Progeny (Saptamsa)

Divisional 8 Chart: Unexpected Troubles (Ashtamsa)

Divisional 9 Chart: Wife, Dharma and Relationships (Navamsa)

Divisional 10 Chart: Dasamsa: Actions in Society, Profession

Divisional 11 Chart: Death and Destruction (EkaDasamsa/Rudramsa)

Divisional 12 Chart: Parents (Dvadasamsa)

Divisional 16 Chart: Vehicles, Travelling and Comforts (Shodasamsa)

Divisional 20 Chart: Spiritual Pursuits (Vimsamsa)

Divisional 24 Chart: Education, Learning and Knowledge (ChaturVimsamsa)

Divisional 27 Chart: Strengths and Weakness (SaptaVimsamsa)

Divisional 30 Chart: Evils, Failure, Bad Luck (Trimsamsa)

Divisional 40 Chart: Maternal Legacy (KhaVedamsa)

Divisional 45 Chart: Paternal Legacy (AkshaVedamsa)

Divisional 60 Chart: Past birth or Karma (Shastamsa)


Moon/Chandra Chart


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