Friends and Lessons

When you meet a new person in your life, sometimes, you wonder why they are there. Why they have appeared for you in this way, at this time and how to respond to them being in your environment.

Ie, sometimes you fall in love with someone because “assume their role” is to be a partner, but its possible their lesson is very different for you. Or a friend turns into an enemy.

These are examples of how to know who some people are in your life.

How to know who is your friend and why:

11th Lord = Lord of Circle of Friends

11th Lord Friends Lessons

1st Lord = Ascendant

Count around backwards.

11th Lord = Sign.

Sign ruler Planet = 11th Lord.

11th Lord (is in) 8th House.

Rules over the people you like in your environment.

11th = community, groups of people, social circle, ideas, incoming gains, etc.

What people are good to “bounce your ideas off” to hinder and boost you are wherever your 11th lord “is native in”.


If your 11th lord is in Saturn in the 8th house, you will feel stabilized by occult people. The people who exhibit occult traits will ground your ideas and you will feel a part of a community/group if these traits are met.

Meanings: Lords


Sun = close friends:

SuntoSunFriendship 1.pngoriginal 1Sun is “you” and so you want people like “you”.

Say all the elements of signs like each other. Example, because fire boosts fire, etc.

Sun is your strength, it is what we term the soul. Your ability to connect to someone else is somewhat determined by how much they know your “soul”. Ie what makes you happy.

If someone knows what makes you happy = it makes you happy = you like them as markers for enhancing your excitement.

That is the basis of friendship; happiness.

The sun can be boosted by any planet by the Other, but for friendship, you aim to make them happy and they aim to make you happy. Example;

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How to learn what lesson a person has for you:

Dasha Lords

In your lifetime, you may notice that you change, or that other people change.

This can be due to some parts of people becoming “boosted” and other parts becoming “dormant” that were prior the main focus of a person.

Ie, if you meet someone in their marriage dasha their relationships may be the most defining part of their life. But if you meet someone in a personality dasha, they will focus more on their own development over the relationship.

This is a positive thing, as it means nothing ever is missed. You are always focusing on exactly what you need to be.

Sometimes this can be very hard, as everyone has different focus points in their life. A person going through a marriage dasha may meet a person going through a career dasha and both people have to accept this is the native state of what they are dealing with. You can show other people what you are dealing with, but also appreciate whatever they are experiencing, so that they respect yours too.

For example, if a woman enters your life (as a man) and you start associating with her, the following can let you know what may occur based on “what you are currently going through in your life”. You can always experience love, obviously, but you may need something else more than love at that time. Ie, if your Venus is your karaka for Career. The woman may lead you to your career rather than end up as your wife = just as useful for you obviously :).

Example [Rahu Dasha]:

Screenshot from 2017 09 27 00 16 53 1

So each dasha period people will come in to ‘help you with the lessons of that planet’.

In the example above, Rahu people will become involved with the person. If this Rahu is in Aquarius in the 10th House, the person will experience people going through, hardship, having ideas, being obsessive, learning about the material world, running businesses, dealing with the occult, lessons about groups of people and communities, etc.

People whom the Dasha planet can “see through” will be pulled towards the person. So that the planet has the opportunity to have the right lessons to develop itself. Ie, to learn to conquer your obstacles you need obstacles to face or see others experiencing them. To learn to fall in love, you need externals to fall in love with for your own development. In a marriage dasha you may watch a lot of marriage movies watching how all people experience it for an example of how “everything you pull towards you” is focus for the Dasha Lord.

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How Dasha Time Periods Work

Mahadasha Lords

Example [current Mercury MahaDasha, prior Saturn, later Ketu]:

Screenshot from 2017 09 27 00 16 53 1

This works the same as a Dasha Lord.

Each mahadasha period people will come in to ‘help you with the lessons of that planet’.

The Mahadasha lord is just as import as the Dasha lord. The difference is explained next.

Dasha Lord watching Mahadasha Lord

A Dasha Lord = your major focus.

A Mahadasha Lord = your minor focus.

These are examples of how to see it;

You are your dasha lord, and you are using mahadasha lord things in your life and learning about them. Ie, you are Rahu picking up Mercury things and observing them.

You are your mahadasha lord, and your dasha lord is watching what you do. Ie, you are Mercury, and Rahu is watching how you experience life.

You are your dasha lord, and you take on the form of your mahadasha lord. Ie, Rahu dresses up as Mercury to see how Mercury experiences life.

You are your mahadasha lord, and your dasha lord takes a back seat. Ie, Rahu just watches Mercury and you act as if only Mercury.

It is an indefinite amount of variables.

Both are lessons you must experience, regardless of how the variables exhibit :).

The Dasha lord is the controller overall though, it is the last word. The mahadasha lord becomes that in its Dasha cycle.

The way I see it;

The Dasha lord = CEO, Mahadasha lord = Manager; of your life. Both bosses, just different kinds. Both have extreme power, and take focus. Neither is more dominant, you are always experiencing both. It is who is learning about whom that is the point of the example.

The Dasha lord is learning about how the mahadasha lord affects it.

Say for example;

Dasha lord = Mars, Mahadasha lord = Mercury. If mars was personality, and mercury was marriage. YOU are learning about how your personality is influenced by marriage.

Dasha lord = Rahu, Mahadasha lord = Mercury. If rahu was obsession, and mercury was marriage. YOU are learning about how your obsession is influenced by marriage.

Whom you are in the example, is an indefinite amount of variables. But the dasha lord will always be the holder of the knowledge.

So, be aware that both your Dasha and Mahadasha lords bring in people to teach you lessons :).


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